Thursday, 8 June 2017

Factory Reset Extreme summit X460-48p (works on other models) lost password

a) Turn the switch on with the com lead connected and with you preferred console ( putty) open 

b) Press and hold the space bar button while the switch is booting up.

c) You will then enter "BOOTROM" mode, then:

d) Execute command "config none" and then reboot.

e)When the unit reboots wait until you see the master login and then enter
 username: admin
password: <blank>

f) Then when you have run through the options type:  unconfigure switch all

g)You have now returned your switch to factory  

60it ltd uswed networking equipment

Thursday, 18 May 2017

On-Site data destruction

Due to high demand we have brought in a  mobile hard drive crushing machine so we can take it on site, this enables us to destroy the data in house so it never leaves the clients premises in a viable state.
 with just a few turns of the handle the drive is rendered completely useless
We now offer this form of data destruction for are clients and then remove the drives to be recycled .

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Why recycle when you can resell

Why recycle when you can reuse
Why would some companies rather pay to have there redundant servers computers Cisco laptops networking taken away to be recycled rather than compile a list.
Not only is it better for the environment to reuse a server it has less impact than to strip it down for the raw materials .Computer disposal  is a big problem for large companies with a lot of users but it need not be , there are a new breed on businesses out there who,s main goal  is to offer these companies a financial return on there used or over stocked IT adding greatly needed funds into there budgets .
We buy used servers  Cisco, computers,laptops is the way way forward ,so please think reuse not recycle and give someone else the chance to have a computer who is less fortunate.