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Best Data Destruction Method

Best Data Destruction Method

In this article, we examine the best methods of data destruction available in the world of data protection and ask the question: "What is data destruction? Here is a list of the 10 best methods of data destruction available on the Internet.

When is the time to dispose of important data, and then we will look at the common strategies that organisations should continue to pursue and ensure. In the course of this guide, we will consider the types of data destruction available to businesses and weigh the factors listed above that could lead you to choose the most appropriate ones. Let's go through the following six methods when it comes to safely destroying and disposing of your data.

Be sure to follow all state laws related to data destruction and use irreversible methods of destruction, such as shredding, when it is time. Determine how you comply with the privacy laws of your state and the laws of the country in which you are located.

Read the regulations for data destruction certificates and read the software and regulations before you shred or sell the software. If you are unsure about a forensic method, if you are programming and want the data or the software certificate. There are several methods of data destruction and recycling, but the method of data processing is superior to shredding and selling for use. Data deletion is the most common method of destroying personal data such as photos, videos and other data.

This method of data destruction uses high-performance magnets to disturb the magnetic field of the storage medium and destroy the data. If you choose this method for data destruction, make sure you use the NSA-recommended degasser, which can delete media much faster than other methods such as shredding and recycling. Indeed, the most popular degasussing method approved by the NSA is being investigated by the US National Security Agency (NSA) and other government agencies. Unless you have strict security policies that prohibit the use of any type of magnet or other high-performance magnet on your computer or storage device, this is not the best method of data destruction.

Below are suggestions for destroying your hard drives that can help you clean up and declassify them safely, easily and securely. Remember that you can do this with any type of data storage, not just a hard drive.

The decision on which method of disk destruction is best depends on several factors, including how sensitive your data is, how many hard drives you need to destroy, and how much you can spend on the solution. There are other risks if you choose a physical destruction method and follow the proper process of data disposal for each type of drive. This method of data deletion is a good option for both destruction of the hard disk and storage of data.

The ultimate aim of the destruction procedure is to make the information unreadable on a particular electronic device. The safest method is degassing, followed by physical destruction of the drive, but the end result will be the same. There are several different methods of data erasure for different types of hard drives, the fastest method being physical destruction of the hard drive. Data destruction is a combination of two methods: physical and electronic destruction, and there are many differences between the two, such as the type of hard drive and the number of drives in the system, no matter what the ends look like. The best option is a DegAusser, where the data is collected on the disk. That's what you want to destroy.

For this reason, the physical destruction method is the safest and should be used if one wants to be sure that the data will be destroyed. Destruction of data is a method of destroying data in a way that it cannot all be recovered, and that is why it is so important.

Using the soft destruction method is as safe as physical destruction and allows consideration to be given to the drive for reuse, which offers long-term environmental benefits. Shredding is the best way to destroy data if you have an old hard drive or media you want to destroy. Like any form of physical destruction, shredding can be a good way to destroy electronic data on hard disk or hard disk media as the media reach the end of their lives.

When you hire a professional data destruction company, you have no doubt that it will be able to destroy your media in a secure and efficient way, with the best possible results for your company.

This method ensures that the hard drives are crushed and shredded hydraulically or mechanically, so that you can never retrieve or reconstruct the data. Data destruction prevents you from destroying your electronic devices completely and ensures that such files and data are permanently deleted. Make sure your business offers you the best way to destroy media data in a secure and efficient manner without running the risk of damaging your computer, mobile phone or other electronic devices. It ensures the security of your media and the ability to permanently delete such files or data and prevent them from being destroyed


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How Dirty Computers Are A Health Hazard For You In Your Workspace

You might think that working in a comfortable, air-conditioned office - controlled and safe - is safe, but there are many risks to your health and safety around you. There are many office environments where cleanliness and hygiene fall by the wayside and most people do not know how unclean their workplace is or how unhygienic it is. The health risks of a dirty office are as much a part of our daily lives as the smell of cigarette smoke or the smell of cigarettes. More well-known germs such as bacteria, viruses and viruses are abundant in the office environment, making it one of the most dangerous places for your health.

If you work in an environment where dirty things are more visible, you are likely to encounter many microbes in your workplace. If you work in an office, or even in another environment where the unclean things are more visible, then you are likely to work in an office or other office environment, such as a hotel or hotel room, where the unhygienic environment of the office is more exposed to the environment around you than in the real world, and you will encounter a lot of bacteria, viruses and viruses.

In fact, every surface in the workplace is a source of bacteria and viruses that you come into contact with on a daily basis. Many areas are neglected, appear clean, but actually harbour germs and pose a danger to staff. When you walk into a dirty office teeming with bacteria, people get sick easily and many of these areas look clean, but they look for and neglect germs and pose risks to you and your staff and yourself.

According to Medical Daily, millions of bacteria lurk on keyboards, computers, mice and phones. Given how often you come into contact with these areas of the workplace such as your desk, computer and telephone, it should come as no surprise that nothing is safe. Telephone and computer are convenient havens for bacteria and other microbes, and phones, desks, keyboards, and computers and mice are regularly the places where germs are most likely to be present. Even when your workplace is cleaned, you can find high levels of bacteria on your phone, keyboard and mouse, as well as on your desk and phone.

Gerba says desks, phones, computers, keyboards and mice are important transmission points for germs because they are so often touched by humans, adding that coughing and sneezing can leave a "minefield of viruses" that can live up to three days on the surface. If you and your staff have health problems that you believe are related to your office environment, work with human resources representatives or train staff to determine the cause of the problem. The more people you share a workplace, the more germs you find, and the higher the risk of being infected with other people's germs because you share a desk or a hot desk. In situations where sharing is unavoidable (e.g. call centers sharing workstations), there is a good chance that you will find more germs if you share a desk, equipment, or "hot desk."

Do your part to keep your office clean and make it a safe and healthy workplace, and join the staff if you want to make sure the office always looks neat. Do a basic cleaning at least once a week, even if it is only for a few hours a day or even every day.

Use disinfectant wipes on keyboards, computers, mice and desk surfaces, use antimicrobial wipes, and use office disinfectants to spray or wipe off items and stains you touch (literally often) all day. This typically means any surface or object you touch frequently or objects you get to know on your hands. Keep your office spotless and keep a bottle of hand sanitizer handy and wash your hand after each use. If you eat anything other than your desk, you are likely to pass on germs. Therefore, use disinfectant wipes for your keyboard, computer, mouse or desk surface, as well as hand washing and hand washing after every use or use of the office cleaning products.

The best way to avoid the risks associated with a dirty workplace is to establish a fresh routine that keeps everything clean. A cluttered, untidy work area is harder to navigate and workers are prone to danger.

The Victorian State Government advises that if your surfaces are dirty, do not wash them regularly with hot water and detergent and clean your desk, computer, keyboard and other equipment. Dede suggests regularly asking for and using time and effort for workplace disinfection (e.g. wiping and disinfecting every second of the day) and giving monitors a wipe once a week to monitor desks, phones and keyboards. Make it a habit to clean and straighten desks at the end of each working day, wipe the desk the second day, and vacuum keyboards once a month


Scraping Computer Motherboards For Gold Recovery Is It Worth It

A new trend is emerging in do-it-yourself gold recycling, namely in the dismantling of electronic scrap and computer components. How to remove gold from the disks (included) and how to save scrap to get the gold you were looking for (see the list of the best computer motherboards for gold recovery above). Choose a high quality, low cost product and disassemble the electronic scrap or computer component with the help of a metal detector or other metal detectors.

You might also want to consider that the effort spent dismantling an old stereo or computer is not worth the value of the gold inside, because older electronics usually contain more gold. If you scrap the computer or smartphone you are reading this on, you may be able to scrap it for gold and other precious metals such as platinum, palladium and silver.

Given the difficulties, there are two main ways to get the gold: mining, which requires huge amounts of sodium cyanide, and recycling as a secondary source of jewellery or electronic scrap. In the world of electronics and jewelry there is no shortage of gold, just as there is no shortage of precious metals such as platinum, palladium and silver.

Therefore, there is currently no product on the market that is to use cyanide in its formulation, and no gold-containing components such as computer motherboards should be forgotten or sold online.

Be aware that you may be able to make more money by selling these items or parts instead, but you probably won't get rich by processing old computer junk. At the very least, your broken laptop can give you access to a recycling facility that recovers far more gold than you need to make real money from scrap gold, and this will reduce the amount of garbage that would normally end up in landfills for e-waste recycling. However, the return you get for turning your scrap into cash is likely to be much lower than the value of the gold in your computer motherboards and other electronic devices. The effort, research and harvesting process required to remove gold from computer parts or other electronic devices will lead to a significant increase in the cost of gold mining and the effort and research required in the field of harvesting processes.

BRF SA, based in Tamluk, West Bengal, offers corrugated iron, steel, aluminium, copper and Intel metal recycling for computer scrap. BRFSA offers a wide range of recycled computer scrap, such as computer motherboards and other electronics, at its corrugated iron and Intel gold recycling plant in Tamluksk.

In 10 Ks a kit is published, how to extract gold from old computers and how to scrape it for gold in the next months.

This source helps you calculate how much peripheral and PCB is needed to recover a certain amount of gold. CPU and computer scrap, you can recycle gold from it to see the light of day in the months and even years, even decades.

When recovering precious metals from computer and electronic scrap, many variables that influence the final value of the material must be taken into account. Scrap components containing gold, silver, platinum or group metals and scrap the components with the highest proportion of gold, silver, platinum, palladium, copper and other metals.

To avoid damaging the motherboard, pull the processor straight out without bending the pins and use an electrolyte to restore the few micrograms of gold that are deposited on each pin. Better components may have more palladium, gold or silver and higher end values - internal cards may have higher gold content. PCI boards have a golden finger plating and can be sold separately for good money.

When the aqua - regia no longer works and the gold on the board no longer dissolves, it is time to extract pure gold from the solution. Of course, you can scrape off some gold, but that leads to other metals that significantly devalue gold. If you are interested in the actual gold extraction process, where you have to spend much more money to recover gold than it is worth, then it will be worth it.

Let's face it: the price of a computer is reflected in the fact that its circuit board is gold-plated.

If you are trying to throw away or donate an old computer that has filled your life with nothing but trouble, you might want to remove the old gold from the tower. Below are the electronics that contain the most gold and a few things to consider when picking up the gold for scrap. Ask your scrap metal to make a list of electronics that contain gold and what is contained in it. Some of these boards contain specialty metals that can be recycled, but not all.

In electronics, gold is used in components such as ICs, contacts and cables and is the primary metal that can be obtained from connectors and interfaces (pure gold fingers) with good contacts. In general, you can get at least a bit of gold from anything that contains circuit boards, as well as additional gold that can be found in elements such as connecting pins. Scrap mainboards that you can find on your computer, server or laptop contain gold


Recyling Used Computers To Be Used Again

Recyling Used Computers To Be Used Again

Computer Recycling  encourages the use of used computers, televisions, computers and other electronic devices in the community. Computer Showcase has teamed up with a new way of recycling used equipment: keeping computer electronics out of landfills. Computers, TVs and other electronic items are accepted by residents and businesses for recycling, from ink cartridges to computer monitors, printers and printers to ink cartridges and more.

If you wish to recycle your own computer, please contact your local health and hygiene department to find out how they plan to dispose of hazardous waste. Hopefully, computer recycling means that you hand over your old computer to a licensed waste facility where it is tested and dismantled for reuse. If your computer is needed by another country or organization, you can donate or sell it at the Computer Recycling Center.

If you want to recycle your computer responsibly but simply don't have time to go to the Eco Center, we'll take care of recycling for you in San Francisco. If you want to recycle your laptop, please contact your local electronic recycler and ask about our return policy. You can also drop by the Recycle Ann Arbor Drop-Off Station to recycle used electronics for a fee.

If you know how to reuse or recycle an outdated computer that you may have lying around, or to learn more about the benefits of doing so, please contact us to find out. Contact us to let us know how you can recycle old computers that you may have, or outdated computers that are lying around. To learn more about recycling an old computer or laptop or other old electronic device and how to recycle it, contact the Computer Recycling Center Eco Center in San Francisco to learn more about the benefits of recycling.

You can also give your old computer or phone to a group to repair, clean up and put back into circulation.

If you are determined to get something valuable out of your old computer and save credits offered by recycling programs, that may not be enough. Find someone to buy you the hardware. You may be able to recycle the old equipment at your local recycling centre or at your technology company. If you keep dusty old computers at home or in the office, you should consider recycling them for reuse of components. Need a good reason to get rid of an older computer or tablet?

If you are holding onto an old computer in your home that only collects dust, you should think about recycling it. If you are sticking to it for the wrong reasons, you should recycle it at your local recycling center.

Recycling corporate computers in London can play an important role in creating jobs. More than 70% of computer components are recyclable and over 90% of computer products are recycled. If you recycle computers that are not used on the tech dump, you help create jobs for people with employment impediments, such as people who fly at night. Legitimate computer recyclers make a good deal with the resale of these computers, as well as with the recycling. Since recycling is considered part of "job creation," it can also play a role in "job creation."

Many recycling drop-off customers are replacing their desktop computers with laptops and tablets, and many people in the community have decided to recycle their mobile phones and laptops. There will be people who will run the processing plant, creating new jobs in this community. Demand for recycled e-waste is increasing, which only increases demand for products such as mobile phones and laptops.

Every time you retire or move to a better model, you should consider recycling your old laptop, even if it has retired or been upgraded. When you upgrade, many of them collect dust, and by the time it reaches you, you may have already delivered it to a local recycling center or even your local hardware store. With the battery still in the laptop phone, the entire device is recycled into a phone.

Like any other old computer, what can be saved is sold or set aside for refurbishment or replacement of a new computer or even an upgrade to a newer model.

Recycling offers a number of benefits for the environment and the local economy. By recycling waste, we help to reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfills, thus minimizing the space required for waste. Recycled old electronics can help to save landfill land and provide other environmental benefits, including proper disposal and recycling of certain materials. Recycling old computers removes toxic waste from landfill and valuable materials can be used elsewhere without environmental costs.

By recycling old equipment, we help keep our air and water clean and safe for use, and help keep the environment safe and healthy.

Cisco Networking CCNMS

Cisco Networking

In an age in which we are constantly connected, it is no wonder that the importance of networking is constantly growing. The number of people in the world and, in particular, the amount of data they share.

If you are computer savvy and want to learn skills that are in high demand, ICC has a program for you. ICC's Cisco Network Courses are designed to meet Cisco certifications, starting with the ICC Cisco Network Certification Course and the ICC Cisco Network Security Course, which is designed to further develop your network capabilities in core routing and switching. Also available is the Cisco Connected Systems Certification Course, designed to further develop your network capabilities, core, routing, switching, and more.

This means that you are certified in the Cisco Network Security, Cisco Connected Systems Certification, and ICC Cisco Network Security Courses.

CCNA-certified professionals can pre-select install, configure and operate - including, but not limited to, a small network of 100 or fewer nodes. Candidates for CCNA certification should be able to complete at least one course of certification of Cisco Connected Systems with a PC and / or networked with a Cisco Network Security, Cisco Connected Systems, or ICC Cisco Network Security course. Ccna online training is available to anyone who wants to advance their professional development and acquire certificates.

CCNA course at Cybrary, you can expect to learn how to operate and install access services for a medium-sized network, as well as install and dial them in.

In addition, you will be equipped with the skills to describe the technologies for different data networks. Scaling Networks (ScaN) presents the architecture, components and operation of routers and switches for larger, more complex networks and access services management. CCNA courses, this course is a great introduction to the technical aspects of network management and network infrastructure management.

This course is offered at selected times of the year and can be taken at any time via our online portal and at any time via the CISCO Networking Online Portal.

Introduction to Cybersecurity 2.1 explores the importance of safe use of the Internet and social media, as well as the growing field of cybersecurity in general. This course focuses on the specific topics and training that Cisco offers, and confirms your ability to install, operate, and fix a wide range of network routing and switching systems such as routers, switches, routers, and switches. The course provides an in-depth introduction to the concepts you will learn in the CISCO Certified Networking Professional (CNP) certification program.

The courses included in this course are connected to Cisco networking devices and are offered in part by Cisco. Candidates who plan to network will normally receive CNP certification, but it does not guarantee employment. Companies using Cisco routers and switches typically participate in the CISCO Certified Networked Systems (CNS) certification program.

IT sector where you have a significant component, whether in the IT sector or in a non-IT sector such as healthcare, education, healthcare, financial services, manufacturing, retail, telecommunications and other sectors.

Achieving Cisco certification means joining the ranks of qualified network experts who have earned recognition and respect in the industry. With CCNA certification, you can install, configure, operate, and operate Cisco Networking Network Management System (CCNMS) and Cisco Connectivity Network Manager (CNCM) services. Certification means a high level of knowledge, skills and experience in the field of network management and network infrastructure management.

In this introductory course, students can build a simple LAN, perform basic configurations of routers and switches, implement IP address systems, and test network infrastructure. This course prepares students for their CCNA certification and is part of a series of courses offered at various local community colleges that offer students seeking Cisco CC NA certification. There is no need to use the Cisco Networking Network Management System (CCNMS) or the Cisco Connectivity Network Manager (CNCM).

This is a two-session course and the emphasis is on the hands - on training, but the online curriculum and online reviews are in addition to the hands - used in training. Learning Hybrid - this is part of the Cisco Networking Network Management System (CCNMS) and the Cisco Connectivity Network Manager (CNCM).

This is designed to prepare students for entry - networking opportunities at the level and career adjustment - and focus certification in the Cisco Networking Network Management System (CCNMS) and Cisco Connectivity Network Manager.

This program coincides with several highly sought-after - according to Cisco certifications, including CCNA and CCNP. If you are looking for a career that is in high demand and gives you the skills you need to succeed in the connected world, you should attend Cisco Certified Networking courses today. Those who work as helpdesk support specialists or desk help specialists will greatly benefit from CCna certification training.

Take the first step in the development of your IT networking career and start training for CCNA certification training online today!!!!?


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Factory Reset Extreme summit X460-48p (works on other models) lost password

a) Turn the switch on with the com lead connected and with you preferred console ( putty) open 

b) Press and hold the space bar button while the switch is booting up.

c) You will then enter "BOOTROM" mode, then:

d) Execute command "config none" and then reboot.

e)When the unit reboots wait until you see the master login and then enter
 username: admin
password: <blank>

f) Then when you have run through the options type:  unconfigure switch all

g)You have now returned your switch to factory  

60it ltd uswed networking equipment