Monday, 17 August 2020

Scraping Computer Motherboards For Gold Recovery Is It Worth It

A new trend is emerging in do-it-yourself gold recycling, namely in the dismantling of electronic scrap and computer components. How to remove gold from the disks (included) and how to save scrap to get the gold you were looking for (see the list of the best computer motherboards for gold recovery above). Choose a high quality, low cost product and disassemble the electronic scrap or computer component with the help of a metal detector or other metal detectors.

You might also want to consider that the effort spent dismantling an old stereo or computer is not worth the value of the gold inside, because older electronics usually contain more gold. If you scrap the computer or smartphone you are reading this on, you may be able to scrap it for gold and other precious metals such as platinum, palladium and silver.

Given the difficulties, there are two main ways to get the gold: mining, which requires huge amounts of sodium cyanide, and recycling as a secondary source of jewellery or electronic scrap. In the world of electronics and jewelry there is no shortage of gold, just as there is no shortage of precious metals such as platinum, palladium and silver.

Therefore, there is currently no product on the market that is to use cyanide in its formulation, and no gold-containing components such as computer motherboards should be forgotten or sold online.

Be aware that you may be able to make more money by selling these items or parts instead, but you probably won't get rich by processing old computer junk. At the very least, your broken laptop can give you access to a recycling facility that recovers far more gold than you need to make real money from scrap gold, and this will reduce the amount of garbage that would normally end up in landfills for e-waste recycling. However, the return you get for turning your scrap into cash is likely to be much lower than the value of the gold in your computer motherboards and other electronic devices. The effort, research and harvesting process required to remove gold from computer parts or other electronic devices will lead to a significant increase in the cost of gold mining and the effort and research required in the field of harvesting processes.

BRF SA, based in Tamluk, West Bengal, offers corrugated iron, steel, aluminium, copper and Intel metal recycling for computer scrap. BRFSA offers a wide range of recycled computer scrap, such as computer motherboards and other electronics, at its corrugated iron and Intel gold recycling plant in Tamluksk.

In 10 Ks a kit is published, how to extract gold from old computers and how to scrape it for gold in the next months.

This source helps you calculate how much peripheral and PCB is needed to recover a certain amount of gold. CPU and computer scrap, you can recycle gold from it to see the light of day in the months and even years, even decades.

When recovering precious metals from computer and electronic scrap, many variables that influence the final value of the material must be taken into account. Scrap components containing gold, silver, platinum or group metals and scrap the components with the highest proportion of gold, silver, platinum, palladium, copper and other metals.

To avoid damaging the motherboard, pull the processor straight out without bending the pins and use an electrolyte to restore the few micrograms of gold that are deposited on each pin. Better components may have more palladium, gold or silver and higher end values - internal cards may have higher gold content. PCI boards have a golden finger plating and can be sold separately for good money.

When the aqua - regia no longer works and the gold on the board no longer dissolves, it is time to extract pure gold from the solution. Of course, you can scrape off some gold, but that leads to other metals that significantly devalue gold. If you are interested in the actual gold extraction process, where you have to spend much more money to recover gold than it is worth, then it will be worth it.

Let's face it: the price of a computer is reflected in the fact that its circuit board is gold-plated.

If you are trying to throw away or donate an old computer that has filled your life with nothing but trouble, you might want to remove the old gold from the tower. Below are the electronics that contain the most gold and a few things to consider when picking up the gold for scrap. Ask your scrap metal to make a list of electronics that contain gold and what is contained in it. Some of these boards contain specialty metals that can be recycled, but not all.

In electronics, gold is used in components such as ICs, contacts and cables and is the primary metal that can be obtained from connectors and interfaces (pure gold fingers) with good contacts. In general, you can get at least a bit of gold from anything that contains circuit boards, as well as additional gold that can be found in elements such as connecting pins. Scrap mainboards that you can find on your computer, server or laptop contain gold


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